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Articulation Activities

Articulation Activities

Activities to Encourage Development of Speech Sounds

Using speech for humor can be a great incentive for increased speaking opportunities.Using and hearing rhyming words increases
the awareness of speech patterns and speech sounds in a playful and repetitive manner. Try some of these greetings for
“shared fun” in your family; you’re likely to find a favorite and create some of your own!
Stay awhile – crocodile After while – crocodile
Say hello – rainbow See you later – alligator
What’s up? – buttercup Give a hug – ladybug
How are you? – kangaroo Be sweet – parakeet
Looking fine – sunshine Blow a kiss – jellyfish (starfish)
Stick around – basset hound See you soon – raccoon (baboon)
Be a friend – pelican So long – King Kong
Let’s share – polar bear Out the door – dinosaur
And Hi – said the fly Time to go – buffalo
Take a break – cup cake
Later – ‘tater
And Bye – said the fly
jjj 6/2006

The following ideas are specific to the "Lip Sounds" of /p-b-m/. Use it as a spring board to come up with
further activities and vocabulary specific to your child's sound development needs.
Activity Suggested Vocabulary to be Modeled/Used
Playing Grocery Store buypaymoneypennybagpursepush boxFood Items such as: applepeaspiepoppeppermilkpearbreadbunmeatmarshmallowbananamuffin
Making Popcorn
Blowing Bubbles
Animals and their Sounds puppybeemoo-moobunnyhop-hoppeep-peepbaa-baapigbearmousemonkeysheeplambbuzzbirdbabymommybigbark
Playing with Dolls or Fischer-Price Play Sets bigblanketbottlepeoplebabymommypapaboypuppybedsleephome Include
action words with the /p-b-m/: jumpplaymakeclimbbouncehopcomebye-bye
Playing with Potato Heads
Making Pudding
Playing Baseball
batballmittparkcapplaybasemy turn
Blowing Up Balloons

The following sites offer further suggestions and ideas for the development of speech sounds in the home:

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